About the department of
vehicles and engines

The Department of Vehicles and Engines is one of the longest-operating departments of the Technical University of Liberec. We are a professional technological base with well-equipped laboratories for teaching and scientific research activities. We have personal ties with many industrial companies. We cooperate with the young generation and are always open to new challenges and trends in mobility.

For study

We prepare students for careers as professionals and leaders in the field. We strive for their personal development, production practice, and academic training. Graduates gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in vehicle construction. In addition, they will master other engineering disciplines such as problem identification, modelling and simulation, or the preparation and evaluation of experiments. They will have the latest technologies and computational methods we use in our laboratories at their fingertips.

The study focuses on current topics and innovations. The inclusion of the areas of electromobility, single-track vehicles, and traffic ecology is a matter of course for us. We teach students to use traditional and new materials and encourage their creativity. We collaborate with industry on various development activities, thus connecting students with the world of practice.

Science and research

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